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Personal Recommendations

“Pablo and his team were very professional. From the communication to the work they did on my roof and gutters, To the clean-up afterwords and they were A+ all the way.

I highly recommend Pablo and his team. They are a pleasure to work with, honest, reliable and care about the quality of their work. Those attributes are very rare today and so I double appreciate their efforts and results.

Thank you Pablo and team!”

Lissa Minkin

“Our family would like to thank Roofs By Reveille Inc. for installing a beautiful roof on our home. Pablo arrived with much enthusiasm to go over our project, we were very impressed as to the time spent with us explaining important parts of the roof like ventilation and proper underlayment. We are located in Gilroy and it gets very hot. Pablo showed us various types of shingles and gave optional gutter choices.

Pablos supervisor Mario, showed up with the crew on time, and proceeded to remove our old roof. There was clean up every day and after about 4 days, After the necessary inspections They had installed a beautiful New Architectural Asphalt roof system with new pre-painted seamless aluminum gutters and down spouts. Thank you Roofs By Reveille Inc. for our beautiful time tested roof!”

Michael Pierce

“I have interacted with Pablo Alviar professionally for 10 years and he is my go-to-source for all my roofing issues.
Pablo has earned the trust and respect by being a stand-out professional with my clients and consistently provides valuable insight for us. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Corey Folsom, Entrepreneur and Coach

“After many years of dealing with a hot home interior and a leaky roof, We decided to start the process and select a roofing contractor to install our new roof.

We received several bids from several reputable roofing contractors. Our choice was clear after we spoke with the owner of Roofs By Reveille Inc. Pablo Alviar. Upon Pablos arrival , we were very pleased with his professional attitude and attention to detail. Pablo was incredibly sensitive to our needs and after careful review of our current roof system, he recommended a roof system not only to accommodate our low slope and stop our leaks but just as important to stop the inferior heat gain in our home buy the installation of the proper radiant barrier system. His crew was on time and was conscientious of our property.The project was completed on a timely manner. After a summer we are happy to say that we couldn’t be more comfortable Thank you Pablo and crew.

We would be happy and proud with confidence to recommend Roofs By Reveille Inc. to our friends and family.”

Neil Blankinship

“Nutech Paint provided an excellent service and finished product for my tiled roof restoration. My existing roof paint was peeling off so they removed all of the existing paint, sealed the roof and applied 2 coats of their glossy heat reflective paint. It now looks like a brand new roof! I would highly recommend their Nutech professional applicators and products.”


“Good Afternoon Nutech Paint, I want to let you know that a contractor using Nutech coatings, painted my roof several weeks ago and that I am quite happy with the outcome. The color match is perfect, the application looks great, and one would never know that these are asphalt shingles that have been painted. We have only been in the house several months so we don’t know how it will impact the electric bill. I do know last Saturday when it was 109 degrees outside the AC was not continually running. I believe this is a very good solution to a common situation in hot climates. Regards, Bob Thierry Palm Springs, CA”

Bob Thierry

“I would like to take this opportunity in thinking Nutech and the trade contractor for the work that was done restoring the roof of one of our production facilities in 2010 Nutech was very helpful and professional in assisting us with the coating aspect of restoring the roof. In 2 years since the restoration, we have not noticed any significant deterioration in the coating and believe that it will continue to maintain its intergrity over the coming years. We have no hesitation in recommending Nutech coatings to other businesses both in Australia and overseas. Thanks again Sasha Pakkiyaretnam Quality Assurance Manager Tip Top Australia.”

Sasha Pakkiyaretnam

“Sun Power Solar company based in Sri Lanka, undertook independent testing of Nutech NXT Cool Zone or NXT Cool Coat as its known in the US to determine the IR benefits of the coating in the Nutech standard color Charcoal. Click on the PDF file and have a look, again at this test that was conducted 100% independently from Nutech Paint.”

Independent NXT Cool Zone Test Sri Lanka

“Attn: Mr. Robert Dixon Nu-tech Paint LLC As we begin to wrap up our Stucco coating project here in Stone Ridge Condo Association located in Buckingham Township, Doylestown, Pa, We wanted to forward to you some of the positive results we have experienced here on our property of 30 units. 1. Color Match from batch to batch has been perfect. Thus very easy to do any touch-ups. 2. Square foot coverage as depicted on the label was very accurate even considering the Stipple on our Stucco Surface was medium to heavy. 3. Some areas in the peak areas of some buildings were 40-50 ft high and difficult to erect scaffolding. Because of the rapid drying many times the second coat could be applied the same day. 4. Clean up was very easy, even though several of us have never experienced a material with such a great adhesion to any clean surface. 5. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the material is the Sun Heat reflectance. While on the job here, our contractor, Pat Palumbo coated ½ of one of our gray roof shingles with our Stucco Coating. This laid in the sun for the next few days. It was not possible to place your hand on the uncoated side but the coated side was only warm to the touch. 6. One other side benefit to the Heat Reflectance of this material was noted in my own unit. The day after the rear walls of my building were coated, my wife asked why I had turned the thermostat lower as the room was actually cooler by about 10 degrees. The thermostat was not touched by anyone. 7. Our Tri-State Area (Delaware Valley Area) has had serious stucco problems over the past few years. When you sell a property with stucco construction not only do you get a house inspection you now can expect to be required to have a Stucco Inspection. When the last unit went up for sale in our development, the inspector was provided with information sheets on Nu-Tech Coatings. He was aware of the product and had favorable comments about our use of the product. 8. Needless to say when you freshen up your exterior surfaces things do look nice. Our realtors told us that we took 10 years of the age of our development. 9. Stains on the Stucco Walls from years of weather erosion on windows, screens and dirt were very unsightly and devaluating to our properties. Our original test building, after washing, priming and coating, completely covered the stains, and none have appeared since on the surface. 10. You Robert and your staff in California were some of the most delightful people to deal with. Answering questions, and the prompt delivery of our materials. Thank You NUTECH really need to better promote and or advertise on the East Coast, along with certifying more application contractors. I will be sending some images on the project later this week. Thanks again”

Rae Andrson

“A Test was undertaken on a small roof structure above a Malaysian Shopping center roof to try and cool a machinery room which housed lift motors. Due to thermal overload from the sun, the lift motors keep cutting out 2-3 times per day. Even with 3 x3KW air-condition units, insulated walls the internal temp of the roof reached 45c + or 113F + during hot days. After NXT Cool Zone was applied to the walls and roof in the color White, Only 1 air-conditioner unit was required to keep the roof top building at an operating temp of 25c or 77f with no more thermal overload of the lift motors. The whole shopping center roof has now been coated with NXT Cool Zone. Very successful outcome.”

Malaysian Shopping Center Test

“Nutech Paint submitted NXT Cool Zone panels for 2 year exposure testing in the Malaysian rain forest. After 2 years of extreme high temperatures and humidity, NXT Cool Zone far right panel shows NO-Biological growth compared to conventional roof coating panels marked sample 161/0. 161/28 and 161/6.”

Malaysian Rain Forest Test

“Wow what a great result, as you can see from images, the refurb of our underground railway stations walls look great. The underground tunnels will now be used as retail shopping areas. Thanks Mike from Nutech UK”

Underground railway station

“Thanks again Mike can’t stop looking at pics. Its an amazing transformation. Thank you so much for a fantastic job. My neighbours are delighted with the improved view too. Nutech NXT Silicone roof coating has made a major difference. Kind regards Ms. Bennett Port Glasgow”

Ms. Bennett

“This was a very tricky project, the buildings roof couldn’t be power washed clean due to open foot traffic below and water run off into San Francisco bay. The roof was belt sanded and light water mopped clean. After the roof was prepared, one coat of Nutech anti corrosive metal primer was applied followed by two coats of NXT Cool Coat in a light gray color.”

Fishermans Whalf

“This roof had major problems with both leakage and temperature affecting sensitive equipment on the factory below. After a lot of work, the owner is very happy both problems have been solved.”


“I’m a very satisfied client from NUTECH Caribbean and that your product solved my long overdue leaking problems. In the past I’d spent tons of money but never got the results as with NXT products. Now I can sleep thru even when its pouring outside.”

William Mau-Asam

“We attempted to get a roofing contractor to fix our roof in San Jose. Laughter and this calls we were referred to lose by Reveille Inc. by a roofing company that was rated a five star implant in the area. Unfortunately they were too busy to take on any more work of our nature. We called Roofs By Reveille, Inc. and spoke to Pablo the owner of the company. He was very helpful on the phone as we agreed on the contract and costs and he sent it out to us shortly thereafter. Two days later his crew showed up on time and perform scope of work as the contract specified and then some! We were very impressed with the quality of service and the professional attitude of the crew they also did an incredible job cleaning up. I seriously would recommend roofs By Reveille, Inc. to all my family members and friends.

Thank you
Dorothy Drymond
San Jose Ca.”
Dorothy Drymond

“Hi Pablo,

I just want to thank you for the roof repair at the chimney and putting in our roof vents. I appreciate you phoning and texting me all during the repairs. I really liked that you told me who (Ramon) would do the work and a little info about him. You sent pictures of the job as it was being done. No one has ever sent me pictures as the job was being done. I really appreciate that. Thank you for making repairs to out patio cover that needed doing when you saw the problem. You are a very nice man. I hope in my small world that I will be able to meet people who need your services so I can recommend you. Thank you again for your kindness.

Bye for now,
Sherrie Cardona”

Sherrie Cardona

“I hired them to come out and inspect my roof so that I would have a report on it. Pablo arrived promptly, did a thorough inspection, noticed a couple of minor things that might be a problem years later, and repaired them quickly. The price to inspect the roof was very fair, and the repairs were done at no extra charge! The report was exactly what the loan company wanted, and all was in order. I am very pleased, and would hire Roofs By Reveille to do any future roofing work for me.”

Mike P.

“Roofs by Reveille was referred to me by another local reputable roofer. They have proven to be fair, responsive, and committed to customer satisfaction in the two instances (both maintenance related) in which I needed their services. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them again.”

Michael M., Burlingame

“I had a great experience with Pablo. I have a flat section roof in the joint of the addition. It always leaks. Until I found Pablo, he suggested to replace it with a better material, so it will not leak again. The repair is fast and clean. His crew finished the job in one day. Pablo is reliable and truly professional. You can trust him with your roof repair job.”

Jim H.

“Pablo of Reveille Roofs is outstanding. I live in a house with many roof levels and Pablo has taken care of all of them. I have found him to be a true professional. He knows his business, he is on time and responsive and reasonable in estimates. He is a very personable and dependable guy to work with. He voluntarily offers real help, when I called him for a referral for gutter cleaning before the next rain, Pablo himself came out and not only cleaned the gutters but also all the area of the roof where there was an accumulation of leaves. He does it all with a smile and positive attitude. I highly recommend Pablo Roofs by Reveille.”

Justine F., MD

“I have valued Pablos’ work on more than one occasion. He is on time, enthusiastic, reasonable, and knowledgeable. He is so special, I put him permanently in my phone directory. You will not be sorry if you choose Pablo for you roofing needs.”

Debbie T.

“A definite recommend in every sense. Since the rainy season began it is near impossible to get any help with roof leaks which I unfortunately got. In full disclosure I originally contacted another highly rated roofer on Yelp but they were booked so they were the ones who actually recommended Roofs by Reveille. I left a message and Pablo got back to me within a day. He was very upfront on what to expect as well as any possible charges -a very transparent and down-to-earth top quality small business owner. He is super professional, punctual, and went way above and beyond to make sure that I not only got a proper roof inspection but that I was also informed about what he was pointing out as well as what I as the owner should look out for and understand in general about how to keep a good roof. Now where else are you going to go to get that??? Being a weekend DIYer I especially appreciated that! He is clearly passionate about good roofing and walked with me over every square foot of my roof to point out potential issues as well as fix potential sources of leaks on the spot. (In a few days after it rains again I’ll know how good the presumptions were.) He also made sure I knew to followup with him if I saw the leak again when the rains hit. I don’t know how much better of an experience anyone could get from a roofer.”

Humphrey C.

“Pablo and his crew were absolutely great. We needed to repair part of our roof in our house which was leaking and a lot of other roofers I contacted either did not accept the job or gave us a very unreasonable price. Pablo was referred to us by another roofer. I called him and he promptly came over to our house and explained the repair job very thoroughly. His crew were also on time, very professional, and did a great job. The price was also very reasonable. Pablo even matched the new tiles needed for the repair to the rest of the existing tiles. I highly recommend Roofs by Reveille to anyone. Thanks Pablo!”

Ferial K.

“This roofing company turned out to be the best! They installed a new roof and gutters on my 62 year old house. The tear-off of my old roof was quick and the crew picked up every last bit of debris. No harm to any of my landscaping. I couldn’t have found a better crew to install my new roof. They were thorough and detail-oriented. I have high praise for the customer service. I’m very happy with the result! It looks great!”

Leslie N.

“We had a great experience with Pablo and Ramon.  He had a project that was about $3k and we couldn’t find other roofers to take the job. Pablo was referred by another roofer and he was great to work with. He came for an estimate and worked with our schedule to the roof work. Ramon helped create a hole and install a roof cap for the kitchen hood and he was so patient and helpful. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Amazing experience.”

Christina W.

“We had a roof leak adjacent to a bedroom skylight. I called Pablo who promptly came by and I showed him where the leak on the ceiling  had appeared above the bed one dark and stormy night.  He and I then went on the roof to investigate. Pablo quickly determine that incorrect flashing had been installed by another roofing company sometime previously.  The next day Ramon and he came by and consulted on needed repairs. The following day Ramon arrived at 3 PM, after his regular workday, and finished the job before dark working quickly and efficiently. I was impressed with his work ethic and workmanship.”

Ronald L.

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